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Andrew Parx


A 49-year-old man who is passionate about standing up for the rights of others. Married to the 45-year-old running VP Stanley Parx. He is a good, gay, christian man. A family man, with adopted children Ross, Bevin, Frederick, Samuel, and Kyle. Responsible, fair, and logical, Andrew is ready to take on the responsibilities of our country. And most importantly, make America gay again.

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Stanley Parx

Vice President/Presidential Spouse

Stanley Parx is a 45 year old man who loves his country, his husband, and his children. He grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, where he met his lovely husband Andrew in high school. The political power couple has been married now for 26 years, and they now have five children: Frederick, Bevin, Ross, Samuel, and Kyle.
“Our son Frederick inspires us. He was seemingly unwanted, left alone in the orphanage for so long. But when we saw him, we knew this was our son. Seeing his progress as he learns who he is and grows in his worldview, it reminds us what we fight for,” Parx said, “He truly does make us hope for a better future for this country and its people.”
Stan promotes equality for all. He and his husband have been fighting for years to build more respect for others in the LGBTQ community. They also support the idea of building a better CPS and Foster Care system, being adoptive parents themselves who have seen the hurt children go through as they search for a family. These values of respect and love for other people are what make the Parx campaign so impacting and influential. They hope to change the world.


Alicia McKenzie

Campaign Manager

My name is Alicia McKenzie and I am the campaign manager for Andrew and Stanley Parx. I love working for them. I am a firm believer in equal rights for EVERYONE. I also believe in a better CPS (Child Protective Services) for all children so they don't end up in bad situation after bad situation. I also will stand against any hate crimes or hate speech towards any group of people.


Lily Hines

Press Secretary

My name is Lily Hines and my main position in the Frog Party is Press Secretary. I believe in equal rights for all and better healthcare. My main job as press secretary is to respond to any and all important events.

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